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Monday 17 January 2000

Today's weather extremes

Heatwave strengthens in SA
heavy storm falls in S Qld, NE NSW
Storms around Darwin NT07May00

Highest rainfall, 24 hours to 9am

117.0 Coconut Island Qld
86.0 Bamaga School Qld
85.0 Maplewood Guy Fawkes NSW
58.0 Cape Fourcroy NT
The heatwave that has cooked South Australia for the past week increased in intensity by several degrees today. Overnight minima in a band across the west coast and central north down to Adelaide were some 4 or 5 warmer than yesterday, putting them 8 to 15 above the January average. Port Pirie's minimum of 32.2 was a whopping 14.9 above normal. Daytime temperatures also stepped up a couple of degrees, with all except the far SW and SE of the state recording maxima between 40 and 45. Notable highs and variations from normal are shown at left.

Substantial thunderstorms developed on the Qld Darling Downs and NSW Northern Tablelands and Slopes today. Warwick appears to have been hardest hit with 23mm and small hail falling in a storm just before 4pm, which also brought wind gusts to 81km/h. 16.2mm fell in 18 minutes to 3.53pm at the height of the storm. Around 3,000 homes lost power on the Darling Downs due to lightning strikes. Powerlines were reported down in Warwick, Toowoomba, southern Brisbane suburbs and the northern Gold Coast. Earlier, Barraba on the NSW NW Slopes recorded 22mm and hail in a storm, while hail to 3.5cm diameter was observed 20km east of Inverell around 6.30pm. Winds gusting to 93km/h destroyed three sheds and ripped branches off trees with a storm at Narrabri.

Strong winds and lightning strikes with a thunderstorm squall line caused damage in and south of Darwin, NT. Power blackouts in Darwin were widespread, with 1438 lightning strikes recorded in two hours.

Highest & Lowest Temps

Maximum Minimum
45.2 Mt Dare SA
45.0 =Oodnadatta AP SA, Lyons Siding Tarcoola SA
44.6 Kyancutta SA
32.2 Port Pirie BHAS SA
30.6 Arid Lands Port Augusta SA
15.1 Katoomba NSW -1.2 Lake St Clair Tas

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
44.0 Ceduna AP SA
40.8 Elliston SA
44.0 Whyalla Town SA
32.2 Port Pirie BHAS SA
28.1 Snowtown SA
28.2 Kimba SA
25.5 Narembeen WA
14.8 Yeelirrie WA
Other extreme readings
Darwin AP NT
33mm in 1hr to 9pm
Coconut Is Qld
146mm in 12hrs to midday
Jimna Forestry Qld
23mm in 3hrs to 9pm
Oakey AP Qld
21mm in 3hrs to 9pm
Records set this day

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