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Thursday 24 February 2000

Today's weather extremes

Heavy rain leads to flooding around Bowen Qld

Highest rainfall, 24 hours to 9am

170.0 Bowen AP Qld
143.6 Moss Vale Station Bowen Qld
142.2 Peter Faust Dam, Proserpine River Qld
139.2 Roma Peak Bowen Qld
Heavy rain fell this morning as a weak surface low offshore intensified a moist flow onto the Qld Central and North Coasts. The heaviest falls were in the Don River basin inland from Bowen, where 100 to 150mm was recorded. Bowen Airport topscored with 170mm in the 24 hours to 9am, 136mm of that falling between 9 last night and 6 this morning. Moderate flooding developed during the early morning in the upper tributaries of the Don, with the flood peak arriving at Bowen early in the afternoon causing minor flooding. Farther north, Townsville had two bouts of heavy rain overnight, with 44mm falling at the airport between 9 last night and 2 this morning, and a further 33mm between 6 and 9am.

Highest & Lowest Temps

Maximum Minimum
40.4 Nyang WA 29.0 Broome AP Comparison Stn WA
15.4 Mt Wellington Tas 2.0 Lake St Clair Tas

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
33.0 Esperance AP WA
20.1 Hamilton AP Vic
28.0 Halls Ck AP WA
28.3 Warmun Halls Ck WA
12.0 Pearce AP WA
Other extreme readings
Dum In Mirrie NT: 75mm in 3hrs to 3am
Jervois NT: 59mm in 6hrs to 9pm
Oodnadatta AP SA: 23mm in 6hrs to 9pm
Weipa AP Qld: 60mm in 4hrs to 6pm
Proserpine AP Qld: 104mm in 9hrs to 6am with 31mm in 1hr to 6am

Flood peaks:
Diamantina River at Tulmur Qld: 7.65m overnight with moderate flooding
Flinders River at Marathon Qld: 9.0m at 6am with moderate flooding
Burdekin River at Clare Qld: 9.88m at 9am with minor flooding.
Bulloo River at South Comongin Qld: 4.75m overnight with moderate flooding
Thomson River at Longreach Qld: 5.62m at 6pm with major flooding
Don River at Bowen Pump Station Qld: 4.75m at 10.30am with moderate flooding
Paroo River at Willara Crossing Qld: 1.67m during the day with minor flooding

Records set this day

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