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Thursday 9 March 2000

Today's weather extremes


Highest rainfall, 24 hours to 9am

152.6 Nyang Station WA
132.4 Marron Carnarvon WA
125.4 Kintyre Darkes Forest NSW
121.0 Mardathuna Carnarvon WA

Other heavy WA falls:
117.2 Margaret River Station Halls Creek
116.0 Winning Nyang
115.0 Carey Downs Gascoyne Jn
113.0 Ella Vale Carnarvon
106.9 Gascoyne Junction
104.0 Carnarvon AP
104.0 Tamala Denham
102.8 Exmouth Gulf

Other heavy NSW falls:
102.0 Narara Res Stn Gosford
99.8 Carrow Brook
98.2 Wyong
96.2 Paterson
95.6 Dungog


Highest & Lowest Temps

Maximum Minimum
38.3 Hopetoun North WA 27.7 Gosnells City WA
10.0 Crackenback NSW 3.0 Crackenback NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
37.0 Esperance MO WA
27.6 Wokalup Ag Stn Harvey WA
20.0 Tennant Creek AP NT
21.5 Urandangie Qld
24.0 Balgo Hills WA
8.0 Ivanhoe NSW
Other extreme readings
Bellingen NSW: 42.5mm in 3h to 6pm
Stuarts Island, Nambucca River NSW: 43mm in 3h to 7.15pm
Merimbula Wharf NSW: 74.5mm in 6h to 3.30pm

Flood peaks:
Paterson at Gostwyck NSW: 11.58m at 2am with moderate flooding
Paterson at Paterson NSW: 7.92m at 3.45am with moderate flooding

Records set this day
All time highest daily rainfall:
Carnarvon AP WA: 104.0mm. Previous record 96.3mm in 55 years record

Highest March daily rainfall:
Winning WA: 116.0mm. Previous record 89.2mm in 60 years record
Nyang WA: 152.6mm. Previous record 117.9mm in 61 years record

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