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Saturday 22 April 2000

Heavy rain finishes in the Centre as flooding continues
Record rainfall at Tennant Creek, NT
Rainfall for the 24 hours to 9am (above) and for the week to 9am (below).
 Exceptionally cold daytime temperatures continue across much of southern NT and western Qld -- maximum temperature variation from normal is shown below.
Heavy rain died out across southern NT today after as the cloudmass remnants of TC Rosita weakened and moved away to the east. Alice Springs Airport recorded a further 48mm to 9am, bringing its total rainfall for the week to 257mm. This is only 17mm short of the average annual rainfall for the town, and far exceeds the previous record rain for the whole month of April of 91.6mm in a record stretching back to 1940. Jervois, 400km east of Alice Springs, received 87mm for the 24 hours to 9 this morning, breaking its April daily rainfall record for the second day in a row. The station has received 137mm in 2 days. Its previous highest monthly total for April since records began in 1966 is 95.8mm.

Water in flooded rivers in the Centre began to recede today, but transport dislocation is expected for several more days on main highways and weeks on back roads. The Todd River in Alice Springs is expected to be below causeway level tomorrow, allowing repairs to begin. 17 stranded people were rescued from Hamilton Downs north of Alice Springs today, but a group of around 200 remain isolated at Erldunda Roadhouse on the Stuart Highway between the Alice and the SA border. Low cloud prevented the use of helicopters today, but food drops to isolated communities west of Alice Springs is due to begin with clearer weather forecast for tomorrow.

A freak, isolated rainfall event gave Tennant Creek Airport NT its highest April one-day rainfall on record. 105mm was recorded in the 24 hours to 9am, 68 falling yesterday between 9pm and midnight, and a further 32 to 6 this morning. The rainfall record at the Airport only goes back to 1969, but at the old post office site, which began recording rain from 1874, the highest one-day total for April has been 101.6mm. The unusual fall was not associated with the remains of TC Rosita. It occurred when moist northeasterlies converged into a trough lying east from a shallow low over the Victoria River District to western Queensland.


Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

105.0 Tennant Ck AP NT
87.0 Jervois NT
66.0 Buckingham Downs Dajarra Qld
63.0 Hooker Ck NT
63.0 Atula Station NT

Other heavy falls in southern NT, western Qld:
62.8 Undoolya Station NT
57.0 Mt Riddock NT
52.0 Marion Downs Qld
50.0 Alroy Downs Station NT
48.0 Alice Springs AP NT
46.2 Mt Skinner NT
44.0 Alice Springs East-Side NT
43.2 Coorabulka Boulia Qld

Today's highest & lowest temps

Other extremes

Tennant Creek AP NT: 101mm in 9h to 6am
Urandangie Qld: 25mm in 3h to 6am

Flood peaks:
Paroo at Hungerford Qld: 1.52m today

Records set this day

Daily rainfall:
Tennant Creek AP NT: 105.0mm is highest April fall in 32 years of record
Jervois NT: 87.0mm is highest April fall in 36 years of record

Maximum Minimum
35.0 Jabiru AP NT 27.6 Centre Is NT
2.0 Mt Baw Baw Vic
2.0 Mt Wellington Tas
-5.0 Crackenback NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
27.2 Pemberton WA
25.0 Victoria River Downs NT
15.0 Jervois NT
14.0 Alice Springs AP NT
17.4 Boulia PO Qld
0.5 Keith SA
2.0 Flinders Is AP Tas
-2.0 Launceston AP Tas

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