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Tuesday 11 July 2000

No reports of significant weather

Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

45.8 Whitby Falls Serpentine WA
43.0 Bickley WA
37.8 Jarrahdale WA
35.0 Perth AP Comparison Station WA

Today's highest & lowest temps

Other extremes

Wind gusts:
Mt Lofty summit SA: 91km/h at 11.30pm

Records set this day


Maximum Minimum
33.0 Jabiru AP NT
33.0 Mango Farm Daly River NT
24.0 McCluer Is NT
-2.0 Crackenback NSW -12.8 Charlotte Pass NSW
-10.5 Perisher Valley NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
26.0 Alice Springs AP NT
18.0 Victoria River Downs NT
7.4 Parkes Town NSW
-12.8 Charlotte Pass NSW