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Wednesday 13 December 2000

Scattered heavy rain and storms continue across N Aust
Heavy thunderstorm in Sydney's west
Flooding in the Gulf country
Cloud covered much of the continent east of the WA border today. The cloud has formed in advance of ex-TC Sam, still in western NT with a central pressure of 992hPa, and a nearly stationary trough to the SE through central NSW. The heaviest rainfall occurred to the east and south of the former tropical cyclone, and in thunderstorms close to the trough. Wycliffe Well, in the Tanami Desert of central western NT, recorded a further 98.4mm for the day ended 9 this morning, bringing its four-day total to 283.2, nearly three-quarters its average annual rainfall. In western Queensland, Urangandie recorded 149mm between 6am today and 9am Thursday from both storms and steady rain. Most of southern NT and parts of western Queensland and northeastern WA experienced another unusually cold day under the heavy cloud with top temperatures 10 to 15 below normal.

In New South Wales, storms near the trough were widespread though not particularly strong. However, a storm which developed rapidly mid-afternoon over Bilpin, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney produced large hail and very heavy rain in the area. Nearby Kurrajong Heights reported 79.6mm to 9am Thursday, most of it falling in the storm which gave Penrith 14mm in 10 minutes as it drifted slowly southeast. Isolated heavy falls of 50 to 75mm were recorded in the northern inland from storms.

Rainfall for the week ended 9 this morning. BoM

The monsoon trough, extending NE from ex-TC Sam across the Gulf of Carpentaria, continues to produce isolated heavy falls. Abington Downs, near Georgetown, southeast of the Gulf, recorded 136.6mm to 9am. Over 400mm has fallen to the south and east of the Gulf in the past week, with river systems, including the Gregory, in flood. Two people were airlifted from their home near Lawn Hill National Park today as floodwaters rose.

Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

136.6 Abingdon Downs Georgetown Qld
98.4 Wycliffe Well NT
98.2 Ali Curang Tennant Creek NT
97.4 Mt Skinner NT

High falls for other periods:

Northern Territory:
Ali Curang:
67mm in 6h to 3am, 36mm in 6h to 9pm
Horn Island:
28mm in 3h to 9am
Urandangie: 30mm in 3h to 9am followed by 29mm in 9h to 6pm
Toowoomba AP: 30mm in 3h to 9pm
New South Wales:
25mm in 3h to 9pm
Penrith: 25mm in 3h to 6pm, 14.0 falling in 10m to 4.51pm

Today's highest & lowest temps

Wind (mean refers to the average windspeed over 10 minutes; gust is the highest speed recorded):

Other extremes


Records set this day


Maximum Minimum
40.6 Kalbarri WA 29.0 Tibooburra AP NSW
29.0 Narawili Elcho Is NT
7.0 Mt Read Tas 0.5 Perisher Valley NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
40.6 Kalbarri WA
23.9 Dunedoo NSW
19.9 Alice Springs AP NT
20.9 Yuendumu NT
8.5 Hawker SA

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