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Sunday 24 December 2000

Today's significant weather stories not yet written

Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

101.4 Pigeon Hole NT
86.8 Mango Farm Daly River NT
84.0 Dum In Mirrie NT
73.2 Waldheim Cradle Valley Tas

Other heavy falls in NT and western Qld:
71.4 Diamantina Lakes Qld
70.0 Austral Downs NT
69.6 Humpty Doo Town NT
61.4 Elizabeth Valley Station NT
61.2 Labelle NT
56.6 Wollogorang NT
55.1 Bedourie Qld
53.2 Tennant Ck AP NT
52.0 Buckingham Downs Dajarra Qld

Other heavy falls in Tasmania:
53.2 Strathgordon Village
52.2 Lake Margaret
46.6 Derwent Bridge
44.0 Zeehan
42.6 Diddleum
42.3 Queenstown Mine
42.0 Lake St Clair
41.6 Mt Barrow

High falls for other periods:


Today's highest & lowest temps

Wind (mean refers to the average windspeed over 10 minutes; gust is the highest speed recorded):


Other extremes

Flood peaks:
Diamantina at Diamantina Lakes Qld:
4.49m today with moderate flooding

Records set this day

Highest maximum temperature for December (previous record and years of computerised record shown in brackets):
Denham WA: 42.4 (42.0, 12)

Maximum Minimum
43.0 Shark Bay AP WA
42.4 Denham WA
29.0 Fitzroy Crossing AP WA
29.0 Gascoyne Jn WA
4.5 Mt Wellington Tas 0.6 Mt Wellington Tas

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
38.4 Norah Head NSW
42.4 Denham WA
42.0 Carnarvon AP WA
24.0 Lostock Dam NSW
28.0 Tennant Ck AP NT
29.1 Boulia PO Qld
28.5 Ali Curung Tennant Creek NT
8.4 Condobolin Ag Res Stn NSW

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