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Thursday 04 January 2001

Temperature contrasts in the East
Widespread thunderstorms in the Southeast
Southeastern Australia's heatwave entered its fifth day, with highest temperatures relative to average today being recorded in SE South Australia, SW Victoria and Tasmania's West Coast and southeast. Maximum temperatures in these areas were between 8 and 15 above average, while last night's minima in parts of South Australia were 6 to 11 above. In Tasmania, maxima 11 to 12 above average were recorded in the west and southeast, with Strahan and Hobart Airport both reaching 33. By contrast, weather stations along the state's north coast were kept cool by onshore breezes, Devonport, Cape Grim and Low Head only achieving 19 for the day, making them the coolest places to be in the country.

By contrast, minimum temperatures across central and southern Queensland both this morning and yesterday morning were an unusual 4 to 6 below, with Moranbah, 150km inland from Mackay, recording its lowest January minimum in 15 years yesterday, then breaking its new record again today (subject to confirmation). With humidity generally high across Queensland in January, minimum temperatures seldom stray far from average; the cause of this anomaly has been the arrival of drier southern air over the area allowing night time temperatures to fall significantly under clear skies.

The heat trough lying through southeastern states again generated widespread though generally harmless thunderstorms in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales this afternoon. 2cm diameter hail was reported with storms at Mt Wilson in the NSW Blue Mountains, and 3cm at Laura, 30km east of Port Pirie in SA,

Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

77.2 McMinns Lagoon NT
76.0 Channel Is NT
68.0 Cape Keerweer Qld
66.4 Territory Wildlife Park NT

High falls for other periods:

Western Australia:
Fitzroy Crossing AP:
35mm in 3h to 3am
Northern Territory:
Jabiru AP:
31mm in 1h to 6pm

Today's highest & lowest temps

Wind (mean refers to the average windspeed over 10 minutes; gust is the highest speed recorded):


Other extremes

Flood peaks:
Diamantina at Monkira Qld:
3.94m today and into Friday, 6cm below moderate flood level
Thomson at Longreach Qld: 2.95m during the day with minor flooding

Records set this day


Maximum Minimum
44.9 Nyang Station WA 29.2 Oodnadatta AP SA
29.0 Marree PO SA
19.0 Devonport AP Tas
19.0 Cape Grim Tas
19.0 Low Head Tas
4.0 Lake St Clair Tas

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
37.2 Cape Northumberland SA
37.0 Cashmere AP Portland Vic
36.6 Goolwa SA
27.5 Parafield AP SA
24.0 Cleve SA
22.9 Kairi Res Stn Qld
14.0 Cashmere Downs WA

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