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Use this index to find stories by date. It is gradually being extended backwards in time to provide a complete chronological index of Australian Weather News back to 1996.

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December 1999

20 December 1999
--Record cold December morning
18 December 1999
--Cloud from cyclones brings rain to Qld, cold day across central Australia 20 Dec 1999
17 December 1999
--Tropical Cyclone Ilsa crosses WA coast
--Flooding continues in NW WA
--Heavy rain in parts of NT, SA and NSW
--Cold across central areas
2 December 1999
--Heatwave continues in the southeast
1 December 1999
--Temperature extremes across the continent

November 1999

30 November 1999
--More big storms in NT Top End and NW Qld
--Hot across the south with fires in Victoria
--November weather sets new extremes 6 Nov 1999
29 November 1999
28 November 1999
--Cold and wet in SW Qld and NW NSW
27 November 1999
--Wet weather continues on Queensland north coast 30 Nov 1999
--Mount Isa has record rainfall
26 November 1999
--Unusually cold in western Qld, hot in southern WA
25 November 1999
--Continuing hot in WA
--Huge storm sweeps Cape York Peninsula
24 November 1999
--Temperature extremes across WA
23 November 1999
--Isolated very heavy rain continues across the tropics
22 November 1999
--Severe storms in SE Qld
--Wind and rain in NSW/Vic Alps
21 November 1999
--Widespread heavy rain central & southern Qld, western Vic
--Yet another downpour at Borroloola NT
--Heavy rain in north Queensland
20 November 1999
--More heavy rain on the N Qld coast
--Storms in western Qld and NSW 24 Nov 1999
19 November 1999
--Heavy rain on N Qld coast
18 November 1999
--Another torrent for Borroloola NT
--Active thunderstorms on Qld Central Coast
--Waterspout observed off Newcastle
17 November 1999
--Cold in the southeast
--Floods diminish in NSW, Qld
16 November 1999
--Heavy thunderstorms in WA, Qld and NSW
--Cold in WA, Tas, Vic
15 November 1999
--Continuing highland snow in Tasmania
14 November 1999
--Windy with highland snow in Tasmania
--Another cold morning in NT
13 November 1999
--Cold and windy in Tasmania
--Flooding continues in SW Qld and northern NSW
--Cold morning in NT
--Heavy rain on Cape York Peninsula
12 November 1999
--Record cold night in Mt Isa, Qld
11 November 1999
--Cold morning in Qld and eastern NSW
10 November 1999
--Still cold in southern Australia
9 November 1999
--Still cold in southern Australia
8 November 1999
--Cold in the south
--Storms and heavy rain in northern NT, most of Qld and eastern NSW
7 November 1999
--Cold in SE WA
--More heavy rain in Qld 12 November 1999
--Flooding in NW NSW
6 November 1999
--Trough system brings widespread rain to eastern states and NT
5 November 1999
--Heavy rain in N Qld and the NT 8 Nov 1999
4 November 1999
3 November 1999
--Record storms cause transport problems in central and eastern WA
2 November 1999
--Flooding eases in NSW
--Cold start in the southeast, and colder day in eastern WA
1 November 1999
--NSW Floods
--Storms in NE NSW and SE Qld
--Snow in Tas

October 1999

31 October 1999
--Pre-wet season storms wind up in the Top End
--Intense shower band on NSW Central Coast
30 October 1999
--Heavy rain, thunderstorms and flash flooding in NSW, Qld
29 October 1999
--Heavy rain in western SA
27 October 1999
--Severe storms in SE Qld and NE NSW
--Record storm rainfall at Bundaberg, Qld 5 Nov 1999
26 October 1999
--Flooding on NSW Lachlan River
25 October 1999
--Heavy rain ceases on NSW South Coast
24 October 1999
--Torrential rain and flooding in SE NSW
23 October 1999
--Damaging storms in SE Qld
--Heavy rain in NSW
--Wind squalls in SE WA
--Snow in Tasmania
22 October 1999
--Snow in Tas
--Rain and cold in inland Qld
21 October 1999
--Heavy thunderstorm in Brisbane
--Cold in NT
20 October 1999
19 October 1999
--Heavy rain and storm falls across northern WA and NT
12 October 1999
--Heavy storm rains in SA and NT
10 October 1999
--Heat, storms and rain continue in southeast
9 October 1999
--Hot in the southeast; storms in SA and western Victoria
8 October 1999
--Further heavy rain in WA; hot in SA
7 October 1999
--Storms cause damage in southwestern WA
6 October 1999
--Hot around the Great Australian Bight
5 October 1999
4 October 1999
--Storms move into SE Queensland
--Possible tornado in NSW
3 October 1999
--Storms continue in NSW 11 Oct 1999
2 October 1999
--Widespread thunderstorms in NSW, eastern SA, southern Qld
1 October 1999
--Storms cause flooding in western Sydney

September 1999

30 September 1999
--High temperatures and heavy rain signal end to the ski season
--Heavy rain on Qld tropical north coast
29 September 1999
--Very warm morning in the southeast
28 September 1999
--Heat continues in SA, western Vic and Tas
--Isolated heavy rain on NSW Mid-north coast and Queensland coast
27 September 1999
--Hot in SA and southeastern WA
--Fires in N Qld
--Heavy rain in NSW Blue Mountains and Illawarra
--Wind and rain in WA
26 September 1999
--Unusual September heat continues across the nation
--Scattered storms and rain areas bring heavy falls in NSW and southern Qld
25 September 1999
--Widespread thunderstorms in WA and NSW 03 Oct 1999
-- Heavy rain on Lord Howe Is and SA mid-north
-- Heat continues in NSW, SA and NT
24 September 1999
--Heat continues in northeastern SA and western NSW
23 September 1999
--Unseasonal heat in SA and parts of NT, NSW and Qld
22 September 1999
--Storms bring hail, minor damage to Sydney
21 September 1999
--Heavy rain on WA west coast
--Heavy showers on Qld coast north of Brisbane
20 September 1999
--Exceptionally warm in southeastern WA
19 September 1999
--Unusually cold night in N NSW, SE Qld
18 September 1999
--Snow in Tasmania, NSW Northern Tablelands

August 1999

25 August 1999
--Continuing warm in the Centre and SA; more moderate rain in SW WA
24 August 1999
--Warm in the Centre and central SA
23 August 1999
22 August 1999
21 August 1999
20 August 1999
19 August 1999
--Gales ease in Vic, Tas
--Warm in SA
18 August 1999
--Gales sweep the southern Australian coast
17 August 1999
--Record rain and blustery weather in SW WA 29 Aug 1999
16 August 1999
--Cold night in Qld, NT
15 August 1999
--Snow on NSW Northern Tablelands
--Grass fires in Townsville
14 August 1999
--Cold southerly outbreak brings rain, storms and snow to NSW and Victoria
13 August 1999
--Cold change brings rain and storms to the southeast
12 August 1999
11 August 1999
--A wet day in Esperance, WA
10 August 1999
--Rain, wind and temperature extremes in WA
9 August 1999
--Wintry showers and snow continue in SE
8 August 1999
--Widespread useful rain across SE Australia
--Windy in the SE
--Temperature contrasts in the west and centre
7 August 1999
--Dense fog envelops Sydney and Hunter Valley
6 August 1999
--Unusually heavy rain on Qld tropical coast
--Heavy frontal rain in southwest WA
--Heavy rain in Sydney
--Severe frosts continue in central western NSW
5 August 1999
--Cold and wet in the Centre
--Frosts continue in NSW
4 August 1999
--Further widespread frosts in the southeast 10 Aug 99
--Fogs and winter storms in southern Queensland
--Cold in the Centre 10 Aug 99
3 August 1999
--Frosty nights continue in SA, NSW
2 August 1999
--Cold night breaks records in SA, NSW
1 August 1999
--Some heavy showers on NSW coast
--Cold night in SW SA

July 1999

31 July 1999
--Cold in southern Australia
30 July 1999
--Gales sweep exposed parts of SE Australia
--Warm across central areas
29 July 1999
28 July 1999
--Warm, then briefly wet as front crosses southern WA
--Cold in the NSW Alps
27 July 1999
--Cold morning across far N Australia, SE Victoria
--Gales ease in SE Qld
26 July 1999
--Gales continue in SE Qld
--Temperature extremes in WA and Vic
25 July 1999
--Gales in SE Qld
24 July 1999
--Heavy rain in SE Qld, NE NSW
--Warm in southwest WA
22 July 1999
--Wintry weather sweeps Tasmania
--Gales continue in Bass Strait
21 July 1999
--Storm force winds in Bass Strait
--Light snow in NSW, Tas
20 July 1999
--Brief heavy rain on WA central coast
--Snow, gales continue in SE Australia
19 July 1999
--Gales and storms continue in SA
--Good snowfalls in Vic, NSW Alps
18 July 1999
--Gales, storms in SA, western Vic
--Minor flooding in northern Tas
17 July 1999
--Further gales in southwest WA
--Widespread fog in eastern states
16 July 1999
--Gales in southwest WA
--Problems continue as rain and seas abate in NE NSW

June 1999

30 June 1999
--Fog disrupts Sydney
--moderate rain through W NSW, N Vic
30 June 1999
--Tallying up a soggy June
29 June 1999
--Wet weather finishes in Qld
28 June 1999
--Wet and windy still in SE Qld, NE NSW
--Cold in the NT
--Windy in the southwest
27 June 1999
--Further rain in southern Qld and NE NSW
--Gales off SE Qld coast
26 June 1999
--Fog widespread and long-lasting in SA, Vic and NSW
--Showers continue in NE NSW and SE Qld
25 June 1999
--Heavy rain in WA, NSW Hunter coast and off the Qld south coast
--Fog in NSW, Victoria.
10 June 1999
--Storms, funnel clouds in SW WA
--Cold and wet in Melbourne
--showers clear Qld
9 June 1999
--Widespread rain in NE NSW and southern Qld
8 June 1999
--Heavy showers in the east, centre and southwest
--Fog in Victoria
7 June 1999
--Showers and storms in southern NT, SE Qld and NE NSW
--Unusually cloudy in northern NT
--Fog in Adelaide
7 June 1999
--Too much or too little rain cause crop problems in NSW and Victoria
6 June 1999
--Front brings rain to SE Australia and southern NT
5 June 1999
--Heavy rain continues in NSW/Qld coastal border districts
4 June 1999
--Storms, heavy rain on NSW North Coast and in SE Qld
3 June 1999
--Heavy thunderstorm falls on NSW North Coast
2 June 1999
--Heavy rain in far SW WA
--Widespread fog in NSW, Vic
1 June 1999
--Warm weather breaks records in Qld, Tas
31 May 1999
31 May 1999
--Bureau's data access policies -- A light at the end of the tunnel?
30 May 1999
--Bureau's Gopher service closes
30 May 1999
--Preliminary BoM Sydney-Hobart Race report finds Bureau not at fault
30 May 1999
--Heavy rain in the NSW Snowy Mountains and Victoria's NE
29 May 1999
28 May 1999
--Moora, WA, evacuated as flooding threatens 07 July 1999
27 May 1999
--Heavy rain brings flooding to WA 07 July 1999
26 May 1999
--Widespread rain in WA
--Squall line crosses three states 07 July 1999
25 May 1999
--High seas continue along east coast
--Heavy rain in SA, Vic and Tas
24 May 1999
--Gales, rain and huge seas in the Tasman 07 July 1999
--Heavy storm rains in western NSW
23 May 1999
--Low brings rain to SA, NSW and Victoria, gales to the Adelaide area
22 May 1999
--Torrential rain brings problems to Adelaide and nearby Hills
--Warm spell continues in the Centre
22 May 1999
--NZ Government to sell MetService
22 May 1999
--Weather 21 introduces viewers to the upper atmosphere
21 May 1999
--Budget brings extra funds, improved website for Bureau
21 May 1999
--"Warmwave" in Central Australia enters second week
20 May 1999
--Late-season warmth spreads through SE Australia
19 May 1999
--Heavy rain brings flooding to SE Qld
--Storms bring record rain and cause damage in SW WA 07 July 1999
--Heat continues in Centre
18 May 1999
--Hot in the Centre, but record cold morning in SE Victoria
17 May 1999
--Cold continues in NSW and Vic, but warm around the NT/SA border 07 July 1999
16 May 1999
--Record cold morning in NSW and Victoria
15 May 1999
--Widespread snow in Victoria and Tasmania
14 May 1999
--Heavy rain continues in WA's North
--Gales in Tasmania
13 May 1999
Torrential Rain in WA's Pilbara 19 May 1999
12 May 1999
--Heavy showers and storms precede front in SA and NSW
--Widespread fog in central Qld
11 May 1999
--Heavy rain in W and SE Qld and NE NSW 14 May 99, 07 June 1999
10 May 1999
--Heavy rain on Qld Sunshine Coast
--Heavy showers in WA's dry Southwest

April 1999

14 April 1999**
--Severe hailstorm devastates Sydney's eastern suburbs

March 1999

31 Mar 1999
--Cold intensifies in the south and west
30 Mar 1999
--New cold wave hits WA
--Heavy rain at Blackall, Qld
29 Mar 1999
--Cold weather continues across southern Australia
28 Mar 1999
--Temperatures plummet across the nation's south
27 Mar 1999
--Storms bring torrential rain to WA Pilbara
--Strong winds, heavy rain ahead of front in SW
26 Mar 1999
--WA Cyclone aftermath
25 Mar 1999
--High winds cause damage in Melbourne
--Flooding recedes in SE WA

February 1999

January 1999

15 Jan 1999
--Heat moves to SA, Vic
--Torrential downpours in Qld
--Queensland Flood Report
14 Jan 1999
--Another hot day in central southern WA
11 Jan 1999
--Severe storm lashes Ipswich, Qld
10 Jan 1999
--Heatwave conditions bring major bushfire to SA
--Local flooding from storms in Toowoomba, Qld
09 Jan 1999
--Thunderstorms bring some heavy falls to SE Qld
07 Jan 1999**
--Record rainfall brings flooding to Esperance WA
05 Jan 1999**
--January temperature records fall in Great Southern district of WA
01 Jan 1999**
--Torrential local rain in Sydney

December 1998

16 Dec 1998
--Major hailstorm damages Brisbane Qld
13 Dec 1998
--Heavy rain continues in northern WA
--Storms cross southern NSW
12 Dec 1998
--Heavy rains peter out in the WA Kimberley
--Heat continues to set records in Victoria and Tasmania
--Some heavy rain in Queensland
11 Dec 1998
--TC Thelma weakens, but brings torrential rain to the Kimberley 09 Aug 1999
--Heatwave sets records in SA, Victoria and Tasmania

November 1998

22 Nov 1998
--Widespread storms continue in Qld
--Heatwave, bushfires end in WA
21 Nov 1998
--Further storms in the north
--Heavy rain hits NW Tasmania
20 Nov 1998
--Severe thunderstorms continue in north
19 Nov 1998
--Gales, rain move to NE NSW and SE Queensland
18 Nov 1998
--Widespread storms in eastern Qld and NSW
--Hail causes severe damage in SW WA 1 Dec 98
17 Nov 1998
16 Nov 1998
15 Nov 1998
14 Nov 1998
--Severe storms on NSW Mid North Coast; hail in NSW Central West
13 Nov 1998
--Heavy rain, flooding, gales continue in Vic
--Heavy rain but minor flooding in Tas
--NSW flood report
--Spectacular storms in Sydney, Newcastle 1 Dec 98
--Heavy storm falls widespread in northern and eastern Australia
12 Nov 1998
--Floods, record rain in Vic
--Heavy storms in NSW
11 Nov 1998
--Record rain in SA spreads into Vic, NSW
--Hot in WA's south
10 Nov 1998
--Heavy rain closes roads in SA outback
--Low daytime temps in SA, NT, Queensland
09 Nov 1998
--Heavy storms across Australia's top end
08 Nov 1998
--Storms continue in NE NSW 1 Dec 98
07 Nov 1998
--Widespread storms in southeast
06 Nov 1998
05 Nov 1998
--Heavy storms in NT
04 Nov 1998
03 Nov 1998
02 Nov 1998
--Cold again in NSW, Vic
--Heavy rain on Norfolk Island
--Storms on Cape York Peninsula
--Rainfall records set in SE WA
01 Nov 1998
--Cold morning in Vic, NSW

October 1998

31 Oct 1998
--Heavy storm rain in Proserpine Qle
--High temperatures in southern WA
30 Oct 1998
--Active conditions continue in the tropics 1 Dec 98
29 Oct 1998
--Heavy storms sweep across Alice Springs district 1 Dec 98
28 Oct 1998
--Widespread frosts in wake of yesterday's cold outbreak 1 Dec 98
--Farmers count the cost of a winter of extraordinary weather 15 Nov 1998, 23 Nov 1998
27 Oct 1998
--Snow and waterspouts as cold outbreak envelops the Southeast 1 Dec 98
--Record October rain in central WA
--Storms in Queensland continue
26 Oct 1998
--Storms continue in Queensland
--Heavy rain on Lord Howe Island
--Storms and squalls hit Melbourne and Sydney 1 Dec 98
25 Oct 1998
--Record rain and severe storms in Qld and northern NSW
--Wide temperature range in eastern states
24 Oct 1998
--Storm force winds in Tasmania 1 Dec 98
23 Oct 1998
--Scattered thunderstorms cross southern Victoria 1 Dec 98
22 Oct 1998
21 Oct 1998
--Downpour in Ingham, Qld
--Cold conditions continue in Central Eastern Queensland and northern NSW 29 Oct 1998
20 Oct 1998
--Unusually early heavy rain in the North Kimberley
--Hot in SE Queensland
--Snow and gales continue in the southeast
19 Oct 1998
--Rain band gives good falls, snow and unusual temperature variations to SE
18 Oct 1998
--Fires flare in near-record temperatures around Sydney
--Rain, gales in SE Australia as slow-moving trough moves through
17 Oct 1998
--October temperature records fall in SA and Victoria 29 Nov 98
--Bushfires, storms, gales and a tornado in the southeast 29 Nov 98
16 Oct 1998
--SA and WA heat and temp ranges break records 29 Oct 1998, 15 Jan 99
--NSW flood update
15 Oct 1998
--High temperatures in WA's southeast
14 Oct 1998
--Unusually large temperature variations in SA
--Record rain at Mt Garnet, Queensland
13 Oct 1998
--Violent storms and a likely tornado sweep SE Qld 29 Oct 1998, 1 Dec 1998
--Gales and rain in the southeast.
12 Oct 1998
--Strong wind in Qld and NT storms 1 Dec 98
11 Oct 1998
10 Oct 1998
--Torrential rain breaks Norfolk Island record
--Wet season off to an early start?
09 Oct 1998
--Cold day in NSW and parts of Qld and SA
--NSW Flood update
08 Oct 1998
07 Oct 1998
--Winter returns to Tas, Vic and southern NSW 15 Nov 1998
06 Oct 1998
--Gales lash southeast Australia; flooding in Victoria and Tasmania. 1 Dec 98
05 Oct 1998
--Storms cause damage, flooding in Adelaide
01 Oct 1998
--Strong northerlies bring damage and bushfires to SA
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