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Real Time Severe & Noteworthy Weather Reports
Data sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology
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Reports are normally updated every 15 minutes. Check the preparation time in the report heading and hit refresh if reports appear to be older.
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AWS reports by time

Reports from Automatic Weather Stations, generated every hour or half hour, or more frequently in rough weather. Observations make it onto this list if the average windspeed exceeds 61km/h (gale force), wind gusts exceed 88km/h (storm force), or the rainfall exceeds 2mm in 10 minutes, 10mm in an hour, or a rainfall rate of 30mm/hour. Today's report has latest observations on top.

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AWS reports by location

The same reports as above, organised by state and region.

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Synoptic reports

Synoptic reports are taken 3-hourly or less frequently, but contain much more detail than the AWS reports. Observations make it onto this list when temperatures are 8° or more above or below average, wind averages 41km/h or more, rain is 2.5mm/hour or more, visibility is 200m or less, or the observer is reporting thunderstorms, dust, squalls, tornadoes, heavy rain or showers, snow and hail. For full details of the criteria, go here and for information on what the columns mean, click the column heading or go here.

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