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Wednesday 5 January 2000

Today's weather extremes

Storms in NE NSW, SE Qld 13Apr00
Gales die out in Tasmania
Cold in parts of Victoria

Highest rainfall, 24 hours to 9am

182.0 Blueberry Cottage Grey Tas
181.0 Douglas River Tas
170.0 Chain of Lagoons Tas
168.2 Craigie-Lea Gray Tas
158.6 St Marys Tas
153.0 Falmouth Tas
The trough that passed through southeastern Australia yesterday lingered over far NE NSW and SE Queensland today producing several substantial thunderstorms. Golf ball sized hail fell in Lennox Head NSW, with 28.5mm recorded between 3 and 4pm, while 2cm hail fell in Ballina. Damage to cars was reported. A funnel cloud was reported with a storm at Boonah Qld, while strong downdraft winds and 2.5cm hail caused tree and house damage to bayside suburbs east of Brisbane. See detailed reports from Brisbane Storm Chasers and Australian Severe Weather.

While rain eased late yesterday, gale force winds continued into this morning along Tasmania's northern and northeastern coast and in exposed highland areas.

A cold, showery southerly airstream kept temperatures over central and northeastern Victoria up to 14 below normal today. Omeo's maximum to 3pm was 12, 14 below, while Mt Hotham (5), Corryong (18), Maryborough (16) and Castlemaine (17) were all 12 or 13 below. Thredbo's Crackenback weather station only achieved a top of 4, while this morning the minimum down in the Village dropped to -3.5, a January record if true.

Highest & Lowest Temps

Maximum Minimum
41.0 Camooweal PO Qld 29.0 Tennant Creek AP NT
4.0 Crackenback NSW -3.5 Thredbo Village NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
34.8 Cape Naturaliste WA
25.4 Geraldton AP WA
12.3 Omeo Vic
-3.5 Thredbo Village NSW
Other extreme readings
Wind gusts:
Cape Grim Tas
106km/h at 2am and 3am
Mt Wellington Tas
111km/h at 12.30am

Flood peaks:
South Esk at Fingal Tas
6.03m at 8am with moderate flooding
Warrego at Wyandra Qld
3.10m at 9am with minor flooding

Records set this day
Thredbo Village NSW: Coldest January minimum temp in 23 years record: -3.5 breaking previous record of -3.0.

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