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Sunday 9 January 2000

Today's weather extremes

Small tornado in Victoria 16Aug00
Heavy rain in Darwin
12Jan00, 07May00

Highest rainfall, 24 hours to 9am

83.0 Mt Nicholson Rolleston Qld
76.4 Talinga Toobeah Qld
74.6 Dysart PO Qld
73.4 South Coogoon Surat Qld
A weak tornado was observed and photographed near Anglesea Vic, south of Geelong at 3.40pm this afternoon. No damage was reported from the tornado which developed out of a small storm cell and was only short-lived. An extensive examination of this event has been undertaken by Clyve Herbert

Heavy rain fell in Darwin NT with a thunderstorm squall line during the early evening causing local flooding. The Airport recorded 62mm between 6 and 9pm and there was a report of 81.2mm in 30 minutes at Bayview, 5km north of the city. For the 24 hours to 9am Monday, Belyuen reported 85.8, Parap 86.2, Berrimah 74.4 and Northlakes 73.0, all or most of which would have fallen in the storm. Intense electrical activity with the storm damaged electrical equipment in the city.

Highest & Lowest Temps

Maximum Minimum
43.0 Balgo Hills WA 29.0 McCluer Is NT
14.0 Falls Ck Vic 2.3 Charlotte Pass NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
28.0 Weeaproinah Vic
19.0 Caliph CSIRO SA
24.2 Coonamble AP NSW
11.9 Scone SCS NSW
Other extreme readings
Lockhart River Qld
53mm in 3 hrs to 9am
Miles Qld
36mm in 1 hr to 6pm
Emerald AP Qld
21.6mm in 1 hr to midnight
Walgett AP NSW
31mm in 3 hrs to 3pm

Flood peak:
Bulloo at Autumnvale Qld
5.51m during the evening with moderate flooding
Bulloo at Thargomindah Qld
4.87m from 9pm today to 6am Monday

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