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Friday 14 January 2000

Today's weather extremes

Torrential rain, storms and floods in WA07May00
Flooding in NE NSW
Heatwave and fires continue in SE

Highest rainfall, 24 hours to 9am

181.0 West Roebuck Broome WA
179.0 Alstonville NSW
171.4 Wollongbar NSW
170.2 Kirby Gardens Broome WA
Torrential rain continued to fall in parts of Western Australia's north this morning, while the south of the state experienced severe thunderstorms, gale force winds and flooding during the afternoon and evening.

Over 100mm fell in around 6 hours in the Broome area of northern WA this morning. Broome Airport recorded 47mm between 4 and 4.30am for a total of 109mm in 12 hours to 9am. West Roebuck, just east of the town, recorded 181mm for the 24 hours to 9am. Houses were flooded, roads closed, and phone and power lines cut as a result of the downpour. 

In southern WA, a mass of colder air sweeping across the region interacted with warm, moist northerlies to produce a cocktail of storms, hail, gales, floods and daytime temperatures up to 13 below average. In Perth, a cluster of storms moved south and southeast over the City soon after midday, blacking out about 4,000 homes as trees brought down power lines, partly unroofing a home in Bicton, and causing roof or flood damage to several others. Hail to about 2cm diameter covered the ground in some southern suburbs, while winds gusted to 90km/h on Rottnest Island and at Gooseberry Hill in the city's east. Heavy storm falls and wind gusts continued to be reported across the state's south during the afternoon (see left). The town of Ravensthorpe was isolated by floodwaters during the evening after falls of up to 140mm in the district. Monte Vista Station recorded 140mm for the 24 hours to 9am Saturday, Truro, 50km NW of Ravensthorpe, recorded 82mm, while Hopetoun North, south of the town, recorded 71mm. Hail was reported with storms at Narembeen and Hyden, and given the nature of the storms, is likely to have been more widespread. The supercell structure of some of the storms spreading into the state's southeast is also likely to have spawned unreported tornadoes. In Kalgoorlie, about 10 homes were flooded as the second severe storm in 4 days dumped 51mm at the airport in 3 hours to 3pm. Farther east, severe thunderstorms raked the Eucla district for the third day in a row. Deleta Station, 185km north of Laverton, recorded 140mm for the 24 hours to 9am Saturday. Average January rainfall over much of southern WA is between 10 and 25mm, highlighting the unusual nature of this event.

Up to 200mm of rain around Lismore in NE NSW produced minor flooding in the area today. Alstonville, 15km east of Lismore, recorded 179mm for the 24 hours to 9 this morning. Lismore itself recorded 119.4mm for a 48 hour total of 192.8, and Mullumbimby, south of Brunswick Heads, 118 for a 48 hour total of 190. Evans Head, on the coast SE of Lismore, has recorded 261mm in the 3 days ended 9 this morning. Local flooding occurred between Tweed Heads and Maclean with some road closures. The Wilsons River, which flows through Lismore, peaked this evening with minor flooding. Storms late in the day brought down power lines, blacking out 2000 homes in Lismore and others to the city's east and southeast. 

Heatwave conditions continued in southern SA, western Victoria and western Tasmania today (see temperature anomalies at left). A fire in the Hambidge Conservation Park in the centre of Eyre Peninsula has burnt through about 10,000 hectares of scrub, and continues to burn.

Highest & Lowest Temps

Maximum Minimum
40.2 Yulara AP NT 29.0 =McCluer Is NT, Dum In Mirrie NT
16.0 Crackenback NSW 2.9 Charlotte Pass NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
34.6 Cashmore AP Portland Vic
25.0 Naracoorte SA
20.4 Hyden WA
15.3 Charleville AP Qld
Other extreme readings
Broome AP WA
71mm in 3hrs to 6am
West Roebuck
Broome WA
146.4mm in 10hrs to 4.30am
Bullsbrook WA
17.8mm in 11mins to 1.03pm
33mm in 3hrs to 3pm
Jandakot AP WA
27mm in 3hrs to 3pm
Hyden WA
35mm in 6hrs to 3pm
Hopetoun WA
29.6mm in 3hrs to 8pm
Kalgoorlie AP WA
13.4mm in 10mins to 2pm
Leinster WA
24mm in 3hrs to 6pm
Lockhart River Qld
46mm in 3hrs to 6am
Goonengerry NSW
204mm in 48hrs to 9.15am
Repentance NSW
205mm in 48hrs to 5pm
Evans Head NSW
58.6mm in 4hrs to 8am
Taree AP NSW
28mm in 3hrs to noon

Wind gusts:
Gin Gin AP WA
106km/h at 12.05pm, 12.09pm and 12.15pm
Rottnest Island WA
91km/h at 12.53pm, 4.40pm and 5pm
Badgingarra WA
91km/h at 3.46pm

Flood peaks:
Wilsons River at Lismore NSW
4.93m around midnight this evening with minor flooding

Records set this day
Lowest Daily minimum temperature for January:

Low Isles LH Qld: 21.6. Previous record 21.7 in 33 years record.

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