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Sunday 5 March 2000

Today's weather extremes

TC Steve brings heavy rain to WA Kimberley
Heavy storms in central eastern NSW

Highest rainfall, 24 hours to 9am

200.0 Curtin AP Derby WA
159.0 Derby AP WA
139.0 Willare Bridge Derby WA
116.0 Borroloola NT
ex-TC Steve tracked across the northern Kimberley district of WA overnight and today bringing heavy rain and squally winds across the region. Derby's Curtin Airfield recorded 217mm between 9am yesterday and 3 this afternoon, and other significant falls are shown at left. Steve moved offshore again near Broome, and deepened once more to tropical cyclone strength mid afternoon as it tracked westwards, parallel to the coast.

Severe thunderstorms developed over the NSW Central Tablelands today in moist air converging into an inland trough. 2cm diameter hail was reported from Lithgow around 2pm from a storm complex that moved east, giving Katoomba a series of downpours during the mid afternoon as successive storm cells passed overhead. The Katoomba observer reported 91.4mm for the 48 hours to 9am Monday, but most fell during these storms, producing the unusual event of local flooding on the Blue Mountains ridge top. The storms diminished in intensity as they moved east and northeast into Sydney and the lower Hunter Valley, but still gave widespread falls of 20 to 30mm. This event is explored in detail by Matt Smith.

Highest & Lowest Temps

Maximum Minimum
42.0 Carnarvon AP WA 29.9 Roebourne PO WA
29.6 King Bay WA
11.0 Mt Baw Baw Vic 1.8 Lake St Clair Tas

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
42.0 Carnarvon AP WA
27.7 Kalbarri WA
26.0 Mandora WA
13.6 Springsure Qld
Other extreme readings
Bidyadanga Broome WA: 160mm in 24h to 3pm, with 48mm in 3h to 9am and 56mm in 6h to 3pm
Broome AP WA: 50mm in 9h to 3pm
Derby AP WA: 87mm in 4h43m to 2am
Tibooburra NSW: 24mm in 3h to 9am
Ballina AP NSW: 44mm in 6h to 3pm
Newcastle Nobbys NSW: 29mm in 3h to 9pm
Belmore Bridge Singleton NSW: 38mm in 3h to 9pm with 20.5 in 1h to 7pm
Lithgow NSW: 23mm in 6h to 3pm
Belrose NSW: 29mm in 1h to 5pm
Records set this day

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