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Monday 20 March 2000

Today's weather extremes

Heavy rain continues in NSW

Highest rainfall, 24 hours to 9am

103.5 Ngukurr Roper North NT
87.4 Yallalong Murchison WA
83.0 Gulgong NSW
67.8 Willi Gulli Northampton WA

Other heavy NSW falls:
62.0 Temora town
56.8 Temora Ag Res Stn
52.0 Blowering Dam
49.0 Albion Park
44.6 Adelong
44.4 Mudgee town
42.0 Kiah Young

Rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am today (left) and Tuesday (right)

Widespread heavy rain continued across NSW today, the maps above showing its extent. There were some periods of heavier rain (see Other extreme readings box) mainly during the afternoon and evening as the cloudmass responsible for this rain event thickened over the eastern part of the state. Traffic problems with water over roads, and breakdowns and collisions in heavy rain and poor visibility were reported from around Sydney, on the Sydney to Newcastle Expressway west of Gosford, and on the Great Western Highway over the Blue Mountains.

Most remarkable was the fall at Gulgong in the northern Central Tablelands, where 83mm fell between 3pm yesterday and 9 this morning.

Highest & Lowest Temps

Maximum Minimum
40.0 Pannawonica WA 27.3 King Bay WA
6.0 Mt Wellington Tas 2.1 Mt Wellington Tas

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
32.6 Mt Seaview NSW
19.0 Canberra AP ACT
18.6 Broken Hill City NSW
6.0 Padthaway SA
Other extreme readings
Central WA:
Mt Magnet: 25mm 3h to 3am
Northern NT:
Tindal: 37mm 3h to noon
Victoria River Downs: 39mm 3h to 9pm
Northern Qld:
Groote Eylandt: 36mm 3h to 3pm
Coonamble AP 28mm 3h to 9pm
Cessnock AP: 29mm 6h to 9pm
Mangrove Mtn: 20mm 3h to 6pm
Narara Gosford: 34mm 6h to 9pm
Gulgong: 83mm 18h to 9am
Mt Boyce: 33mm 6h to 6pm
Katoomba: 44mm 6h to 6pm
Forbes AP: 22mm 6h to 3pm
Parkes AP: 21mm 6h to 3pm
Dubbo AP: 20mm 3h to 6pm
Richmond AP: 23mm 3h to 6pm
Albion Park: 28mm 6h to 3pm
Bellambi: 21mm 3h to 3pm
Dombarton Loop: 24.5mm in 1h to 1pm
Camden AP: 21mm 3h to 3pm
Stockinbingal: 90.0 in 72h to 9am, though likely to have fallen in last 24h
Hillston AP: 36mm 9h to 3pm
Lake Cargelligo: 45mm 6h to 3pm

Flood peaks:
Diamantina at Tulmur Qld (second peak -- first peak with moderate flooding is approaching Birdsville): 6.60m overnight with minor flooding

Records set this day

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