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Wednesday 22 March 2000

Today's weather extremes


Highest rainfall, 24 hours to 9am

103.8 Gresford NSW
102.8 Gloucester NSW
98.0 Port Macquarie AP NSW
98.0 Upper Chichester NSW

Other heavy NSW falls:
97.0 Tocal Paterson
95.0 Bulahdelah
94.4 Stroud
94.0 Comboyne
91.5 Mt George*
91.4 Dungog
87.4 Taree Town
86.8 Lostock Dam
86.0 Seaham*
85.5 Hexham Bridge*
83.0 Gostwyck*
81.4 Carrow Brook
80.2 Port Macquarie Town
78.8 Wyong
77.0 Maitland Showground
76.4 Ashfield
74.4 Williamtown AP
71.2 Krui Plains Croppa Creek
71.0 Taree AP

*Subject to confirmation


Highest & Lowest Temps

Maximum Minimum
39.0 Onslow AP WA 29.0 Barrow Is AP WA
9.8 Barren Tier Tas -1.2 Lake St Clair Tas

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
30.4 Cape Northumberland SA
25.0 Jervois NT
21.0 Paynes Find WA
6.5 Wokalup Ag Res Stn Harvey WA
Other extreme readings
Elderslie: 28mm in 3h to 9am

Flood peaks:
Diamantina at Birdsville
: near peak on 7.25m at 9am with moderate flooding
Warrego at Fords Bridge Bywash:
2.88m at 9am and continuing at this level into Thursday with moderate flooding
Manning at Wingham
flood gauge: 5.26m shortly after noon with minor flooding
Williams at Mill Dam Falls:
7.13m at 1am with minor flooding (first peak), and 8.46m near midnight tonight with moderate flooding (second peak)
Williams at Dungog: 6.52m at 5am with minor flooding (second peak), and about 7.81m late afternoon with moderate flooding (third peak)
Paterson at Gostwyck: 12.64m at 7.45pm with major flooding
Paterson at Paterson: 9.80m at 10.15pm with major flooding
Hunter at Belmore Bridge Singleton: 7.07m at 10.45pm with minor flooding

Records set this day

  • Times stated are the clock time in force in the relevant state or territory

  • Stories, including those in the archives, are as new and corrected information becomes available, with updates underlined

  • Australian Weather News gratefully acknowledges the Bureau of Meteorology as the collector and main source of meteorological data in Australia, along with the thousands of observers who record the weather and rainfall daily. I also thank Don White and the many contributors to the Aussie Weather mailing list who routinely provide much appreciated information.