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Saturday 20 May 2000

Windy as front sweeps across Tasmania
A cold front crossing Tasmania in the early hours of this morning gave gale to storm force winds around the coast and in highland areas. The automatic weather station atop Mt Wellington recorded a top wind gust of 135km/h from the west at 3.30am, shortly before the front passed, and there were several recordings of 10-minute average wind speeds of between 90 and 100km/h. Brief heavy rain fell across western Tasmania overnight, while the lighthouse at Wilson's Promontory, Victoria, recorded 20mm between 9am and midday as the front passed.

Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

143.0 Tully Qld
134.0 Topaz Malanda Qld
64.0 Mt Read Tas
53.0 Port Douglas Qld

Today's highest & lowest temps

Other extremes

Wilson's Promontory Vic: 20mm in 3h to noon
Mt Read Tas: 21mm in 3h to 6am

Wind gusts:
Cape Grim Tas: 96km/h at 4am
Keogh's Pimple Hartz Mountains Tas: 100km/h at 1.30am
Mt Wellington summit Tas: 135km/h at 3.30am

Records set this day


Maximum Minimum
33.0 Jabiru AP NT 25.4 Troughton Is WA
4.0 Crackenback NSW
4.0 Mt Baw Baw Vic
-5.5 Cooma Visitors Centre NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
23.2 Norah Head LH NSW
11.5 Fingal Tas
20.5 Julia Creek PO Qld
1.6 Lostock Dam Site NSW

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