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Thursday 08 June 2000

Heavy frosts in SE Qld and along the NSW Tablelands
Unseasonal rain begins in northern Australia
Sub-zero temperatures again covered large areas of SE Qld and eastern NSW (top) this morning, with northern parts of the area 6 to 10 below normal (above). Cloud cover kept temperatures today well below average (below).
Heavy frosts again greeted the day in SE Qld and NE NSW, and extended the length of the Great Divide into eastern Victoria. Minimum temperatures in the Brisbane area and on the Granite Belt and Darling Downs were a degree or two warmer than yesterday, with Amberley recording -1 compared to -3 yesterday. However, it was colder farther north and west, with Kingaroy recording -3.2 (0.8 yesterday), Miles and Roma -3.0 (-1.0), Injune -3.1 (0.2) and Mitchell -3.2 (0.3). The Snowy Mountains regained its hold on cold when the thermometer at Kosciuszko Chalet, in an alpine valley below Charlotte Pass, dropped to -14.2. Nearby Thredbo Crackenback automatic station recorded a low of only -7, reflecting its more exposed, ridge-top location.

Unseasonally heavy rain began falling around the southern Gulf of Carpentaria in NT and Qld today. A trough of colder upper air moving slowly east across Western Australia caused moist air feeding in from the tropics to its east to rise, producing a major cloudband over Queensland and the NT, and the heavy falls for the dry season in the southern Gulf. Croydon, 170km from the SE corner of the Gulf, recorded 60mm in 24 hours to 3pm today, while Centre Island in the SW Gulf recorded 33mm between 3pm and 8pm. Other high figures are given below. The cloudband kept maximum temperatures in the area up to 11 below average today, with the mercury struggling to reach 18. Burketown Post Office recorded a top of only 17.3, just 0.1 above the station's coldest ever June day on 30 June 1957.


Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

42.8 Croydon Qld
32.8 Normanton Qld
27.0 Redbank Mine NT
25.0 Mt Read Tas

Today's highest & lowest temps

Other extremes

Centre Is NT: 33mm in 5h to 8pm
Burketown Qld: 20mm in 6h to noon and 17mm in 6h to 9pm
Normanton Qld: 21mm in 6h to 3am and 16mm in 3h to 3pm
Croydon Town Qld: 60mm in 24h to 3pm
Georgetown Qld: 19mm in 6h to 3pm

Records set this day


Maximum Minimum
31.9 Kalumburu Qld 25.1 Horn Is Qld
-1.1 Falls Ck Vic
-1.1 Mt Hotham Vic
-14.2 Charlotte Pass NSW
-9.0 Perisher Valley NSW
-8.0 Woolbrook NSW
-7.6 Armidale Uni NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
17.0 Bushy Park Tas
10.0 Nonning SA
18.0 Wollogorang NT
17.3 Burketown PO Qld
18.5 Croydon Qld
-3.2 Eyre WA
-14.2 Charlotte Pass NSW
-3.2 Kingaroy Qld