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Sunday 11 June 2000

Focus of heavy rain moves to NE NSW
Exceptionally cold temperatures in an upper trough that moved across NE NSW and SE Qld today combined with strengthening southeasterly winds to produce heavy rain on the coast from Brisbane south to Grafton. The small low that developed off the north Queensland coast yesterday continued to move SE, tightening the pressure gradient as far south as the Illawarra coast. Alstonville, 10km WNW of Ballina, recorded 130.4mm in the 2 days ended 9am Monday, and there were some periods of heavy rain in the area. Ballina Airport registered 51mm and Evans Head 50mm in the 6 hour period to 3 this morning, while Coolangatta Airport had an isolated downpour of 53mm between 1 and 3pm. Gale force winds were reported from exposed coastal stations this morning and again later this afternoon from Double Island Point north of Brisbane to Jervis Bay south of Sydney.

The axis of the trough of cold air which as been responsible for the unusual rainfall event in Queensland over the past few days crossed Brisbane tonight. The 10pm radiosonde balloon launched at the airport found a temperature of minus 49.1 at 300hPa, about 9.3km above sea level. This is 9.8 below the June average, a remarkably large departure so far above the surface.

Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

93.0 Alstonville NSW
85.4 Point Lookout North Stradbroke Is Qld
73.0 Ballina AP NSW
65.0 Ballina Town NSW

Other heavy falls in NE NSW, SE Qld:
57.0 Evans Head NSW
54.0 Heron Is Qld
53.7 Cape Byron NSW
52.0 Maroochydore AP Qld
51.2 Rainbow Beach Qld
51.0 Coomera Qld
50.0 Mullumbimby NSW

Today's highest & lowest temps

Other extremes

Norfolk Is AP: 31mm in 9h to midnight
Bowen AP Qld: 34mm in 3h to 9am
Bundaberg Qld: 15mm in 3h to 3pm
Maryborough Qld: 15mm in 3h to 3pm
Coolangatta AP Qld: 18mm in 3h to 6am and 53mm in 3h to 3pm, 26mm falling between 2 and 3pm
Nimbin PO NSW: 84.2mm in 48h to 9am
Yamba NSW: 15mm in 3h to 3pm
Ballina AP NSW: 51mm in 6h to 3am, 17mm falling in 1h between 11pm Saturday and midnight
Evans Head NSW: 50mm in 6h to 3am
Smoky Cape NSW: 18mm in 3h to noon

Records set this day


Maximum Minimum
29.0 Carnarvon AP WA
29.0 Coconut Is Qld
24.0 Coconut Is Qld
-1.0 Crackenback NSW -9.2 Charlotte Pass NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
24.3 Balladonia WA
18.0 Gascoyne Junction WA
12.0 Curtin Springs NT

17.7 Collinsville Qld
15.9 Baralaba Qld
-2.0 Dwellingup WA