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Monday 14 August 2000

Heavy rain in East Gippsland, Victoria
Snow on NSW Central Tablelands
Western Vic and SE Qld feel drought while NSW prospers
The upper cold pool that moved southeast across NSW yesterday crossed the eastern Victorian coast this morning, producing a surface low near Gabo Island. Moist winds circulating around the south of this low arrived on the East Gippsland coast late morning, giving several hours of heavy rain before the system moved away to the southeast. Orbost recorded 36mm and Lakes Entrance 26mm, all falling between 9am and 3pm.

In southern and central NSW, the cold pool left a legacy of cold surface air below cloud on and west of the ranges. Oberon reported light snow grains falling through the day with a top temperature of only 3, 7 below normal. Moderate snow also fell through the day on the Snowy Mountains.

Water restrictions are to be introduced in Ballarat, Victoria, for the first time in 17 years as the city experiences its fourth consecutive drier than average winter. The failure of winter rains has produced two areas -- the state's far southwest and West Gippsland -- where rainfall between October 1996 and July this year is the lowest on record. A shorter term but serious rainfall deficiency is also developing in SE Queensland and far northeastern NSW. Falls over the past 6 months have only produced about 50% of normal rainfall in the NSW Tweed Valley, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Darling Downs and a band stretching northwest to between Gayndah and Roma, as well as in the Bundaberg area. Meanwhile, NSW is expecting a near record winter grain harvest thanks to excellent seasonal conditions across the state. Graincorp is forecasting the delivery of around 7.4 million tonnes, the fourth largest on record, with only the Warren and Nyngan areas below average due to heavy autumn rain.

Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

33.0 Keeva Nundle NSW
31.0 Tamworth AP NSW
30.0 Murrurundi NSW
27.2 Ogunbil NSW

High falls for other periods:
Cape Jaffa: 24mm in 2h to 3pm
Tamworth AP: 20mm in 6h to 3am
Murrurundi: 22mm in 6h to 3am
Lakes Entrance: 26mm in 6h to 3pm
Orbost: 36mm in 6h to 3pm

Today's highest & lowest temps

Other extremes

Wind gusts:
Cape Jaffa SA:
76km/h at 3.19pm and 3.26pm

Records set this day


Maximum Minimum
35.7 Curtin AP Derby WA 23.0 Cadjebut Fitzroy Crossing WA
23.0 McCluer Is NT
-3.0 Crackenback NSW -4.0 Crackenback NSW
-4.0 Perisher Valley NSW

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
29.0 Carnarvon AP WA
11.0 Oakey AP Qld
5.0 Taralga NSW
0.0 Ceduna AP SA