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Sunday 17 September 2000

Exceptionally dry across the nation
Warm, windy in the southeast hastens thaw in the Snowies
Rainfall for the 24 hours to 9am BoM
Dry weather is not unusual across much of the nation during spring, but a day with almost no rain anywhere is. Only Tasmania's west coast and a tiny area near Cairns, Qld, recorded any rain at all for the 24 hours to 9am, with the top falls only 5.8mm at Lake Pedder (Strathgordon) and 5.0mm atop Mount Read behind Zeehan, Tasmania.

Windy weather continues in Tasmania, with storm force winds recorded in exposed areas this evening as yet another cold front approached the island. Mt Wellington recorded frequent gusts above 110km/h, while the exposed automatic weather station on Keogh's Pimple in the Hartz Mountains inland from Geeveston recorded a peak gust of 135km/h.

It was an unusually warm day across NSW today, with temperatures 6 to 12 above average in all but the far southwest and northeast of the state. In the Snowy Mountains, galeforce winds accompanied temperatures 8 above normal, hastening the spring thaw which already has Dartmouth Dam and Hume Weir releasing spectacular flows down their spillways as they approach capacity.

Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

5.8 Strathgordon Tas
5.0 Mt Read Tas
3.8 Wrotham Park Qld
3.4 Zeehan Tas

High falls for other periods:


Today's highest & lowest temps

Other extremes

Wind gusts:
Keogh's Pimple Hartz Mtns Tas:
135km/h at 7.02pm
Mt Wellington summit Tas: 128km/h at 7pm

Records set this day


Maximum Minimum
39.0 Mardie WA 25.0 Black Point NT
25.0 McCluer Is NT
5.4 Mt Read Tas -0.1 Southern Cross AP WA

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
29.6 Narooma NSW
32.0 Cobar MO NSW
30.0 Nowra AP NSW
8.5 Thredbo Village NSW
27.0 Milingimbi NT
15.0 Milingimbi NT