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Tuesday 26 September 2000

Moderate rainfalls across Victoria, SE SA, SE NSW
Large storm area crosses Sydney
Heatwave continues inland
The September heatwave continues. Variations from normal for this morning's minimum temperatures (above) and today's maximum temps (below) BoM
Rivers in the eastern half of Victoria, already swollen by recent rain and snowmelt, again threatened to flood this morning after general falls of between 20 and 50mm of rain in the past 24 hours. They peaked later in the day below minor flood level.
Infrared satellite image for 11pm. JCU

The rainband that crossed Victoria yesterday moved slowly northeast into NSW today, with thunderstorms forming ahead of its leading edge. 20 to 50mm of rain fell on the South Coast between midmorning and late afternoon. In the cloudfree zone ahead of the rainband, temperatures and humidity levels rose in a zone of high instability, leading to the development of a broad area of storms in the Central Tablelands which propagated eastwards before moving ESE across the coast near Sydney during the evening. The satellite image (left) shows this mesoscale convective system at 11pm as the large area of yellow to red. The smudge of orange to its southwest is the beginning of a second area of storms that crossed the Illawarra coast during the early morning. While there were scattered areas of heavy rain, the most notable feature of these systems was the electrical activity, providing a spectacular lightning and thunder show across the Central Tablelands and along the coast from the Hunter Valley to the Illawarra well into Wednesday morning.

Details of some of the heavier rainfall registrations in SA, Victoria and NSW are given in the green box below.

Today's highest rainfall totals for the 24 hours to 9am

53.0 Crackenback NSW
49.0 Coonawarra SA
44.2 Robe SA
41.0 Kilmore Gap Vic

Other heavy falls in Victoria:
39.8 Ballan
39.0 Valencia Creek
38.4 Glenmaggie Weir
38.0 Eden
37.4 Kilmore
37.0 Combienbar
36.6 Derrinallum
36.0 Broadford
36.0 Mt Nowa Nowa
36.0 Strath Creek

High falls for other periods:

South Australia:
42mm in 18h to 9am
Coonawarra: 34mm in 6h to 6am

New South Wales:
Merimbula AP:
45mm in 15h to 6pm, 32mm falling in 9h to noon
Narooma: 20mm in 6h to 3pm
Moruya Heads: 44mm at Signal Station, 50mm at AP in 12h to 9pm
Batemans Bay: 21mm in 6h to 3pm

Today's highest & lowest temps

Other extremes

Wind gusts:
Cape Grim Tas:
98km/h at 11pm

Flood peaks:
Edwards at Deniliquin NSW:
5.46m today with minor flooding

Records set this day


Maximum Minimum
40.0 Fitzroy Crossing AP WA
40.0 Marble Bar WA
26.0 McCluer Is NT
2.2 Mt Wellington Tas -2.6 Mt Wellington Tas

Greatest variations from normal

Maximum Minimum
34.0 Cobar MO NSW
34.3 Nyngan AP NSW
38.4 Birdsville Qld
24.9 Oodnadatta AP SA
22.6 White Cliffs NSW
22.0 Marree PO SA
10.4 Cooma Visitors Centre NSW
-1.0 Bushy Park Tas