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Weather and Climate Media Reports

While there is a biblical flood of weather forecasts on the web, finding reliable and organised articles on current weather and items related to climate is somewhat more difficult, especially those with a usable archive. Here are ones I find useful.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) - If you are looking for weather news as it happens, your best source is ABC News Online where weather (and all other) articles are broken into useful topics. There is a 10-page archive for each topic, and earlier items can be found by judicious use of the Search ABC News link or by date in the archive. I find these topics useful (24/12/16):

Weatherzone - Weatherzone takes most of its news from the ABC, but supplements this with its own timely additions through the day. The attribution at the foot of each article tells you the source. About 2 weeks of articles available with no archive. (24/12/16)

The Guardian - Apart from a weekly print edition in Australia, the Guardian is solely online and provides true journalism with lengthy detailed articles. It has Australian, UK, US and International editions. Again, it is organised by topics and there is a full archive - use the numbers at the foot of each topic's headlines to go back in time. Topics are cross-referenced at the foot of each article. Here are the ones that are most used (25/12/16):

The Conversation - This solely online media's byline is "Academic rigour, journalistic flair" and, indeed, its articles are written by experts in various fields of study that actually know what they are talking about. The Conversation has a growing list of editions (currently Australia, Africa, France, Global, United Kingdom and United States), and articles in each edition are a mix of those specifically for the edition and global ones. Like the ABC, it is organised under topics and if you look up any topic you will be presented with the full archive. Some of the most commonly used topics that I find handy are:

While I find those above are the most commonly used, there are many others that have fewer but interesting articles including Bureau of Meteorology, Bushfires, Climate, Climate Adaptation, Climate Modelling, Drought, El Niño, Hurricanes, Jet Stream, Meteorology, Millennium Drought, Natural Disasters, Temperature, Winter to name just a few. Each article shows the topics it is cross-referenced to either beside or below the article - click the topic to see all articles for it; alternatively find the topic here. (24/12/16)

Sydney Morning Herald - This catch-all section also uses topics such as weather and climate change to cover environment generally. The site is paywalled after you have reached a number of articles per month. No dates are given against the articles, but if you rest your cursor over the article link the date is obvious in the browser's link address. The SMH has an extensive archive going back many decades, but the key to success is in how well you frame your search requirements so read the help page first. Then choose either the quick search or the advanced search. (24/12/16)

Al Jazeera weather news - Truly international online news with short articles summarising main weather and climate events. There is a somewhat laborious archive accessed by clicking Show More at the foot of the page. I think it goes back to 2010, but you'd need some patience to get there. (25/10/16)

Jeff Masters' WunderBlog - I've avoided putting blogs in this list, but this one is outstanding. It provides articles that are detailed and technical, yet fully understandable to the lay person, covering current international weather and climate, though with a US leaning. They are well illustrated and there's a new item on most days. (25/10/16)

Thomson Reuters Foundation News - This site focuses on climate change news from the resources of Reuters and its own writers, though articles on major weather events are also included. (25/10/16)

FloodList - covers many aspects of flooding and includes large sections of global news on flood events and climate news. (25/10/16)

Roger Brugge's International and United Kingdom diaries - Concise descriptions of weather events back to 1994 focusing on their meteorological aspects. Roger Brugge is a researcher and scientist at the Meteorology Department in the University of Reading, UK. With many demands on his time, these two pages are not always up-to-date, but get there eventually. (25/10/16)