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Thunderstorms, hail, lightning & tornadoes
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Thunderstorms, Hail, Lightning & Tornadoes
  1. Recent lightning activity over Australia, from Kattron. This map shows the locations of recent lightning strikes in Australia. (17/01/00)
  2. The BoM Severe Storms Page (17/01/00)
  3. The BoM Western Australian Severe Storms Page (07/09/02)
  4. The BoM New South Wales Severe Storms Page (07/09/02)
  5. James Chambers' Brisbane and SE Queensland Storm site - lots of information, photos and reports on thunderstorms in southeast Queensland. (17/01/00)
  6. The Brisbane Storm Chasers Homepage - photos, descriptions, forecasts and forecasting tools relevant to southeast Queensland. (21/03/01)
  7. The Sydney Storm Chasers Homepage - photos and descriptions of NSW severe storm events. (21/05/00)
  8. The Melbourne Storm Chasers Site - Articles on severe weather events in Victoria (09/08/00)
  9. Stormfreak -- great lightning photos and storm chase site in Pakenham, Victoria (24/09/03)
  10. Vic Storms - Nick Sykes site on storms and severe weather in Victoria and SE Australia (17/03/01)
  11. The South Australian Severe Weather site, SA Storms. (01/02/01)
  12. Adelaide Xtreme Weather - thunderstorms and snowfalls in SA. (21/03/01)
  13. Tips on storm chasing in Australia by Ira Fehlberg and John Roenfeldt. Storm chasing is fun and exciting, but these are some safety tips from some of the most experienced storm chasers to get you there, in the right position, and home again. (24/05/00)
  14. Ira's Severe Weather Page concentrating on severe weather in Western Australia. (17/01/00)
  15. Michael Thompson's Australian Storm Chase Diary (25/05/06)
  16. Matthew Smith's Thunderstruck -- Australian Storm Chasing, based on Sydney, NSW (17/01/00)
  17. A useful presentation on Supercells and case studies prepared by Jimmy Deguara (17/03/01)
  18. Report on Sydney Hailstorm - 14 April 1999, Bureau of Meteorology (17/01/00)
  19. Tornados in the Australian Capital Territory, some history and pictures from the BoM and ACT Emergency Services Bureau. (22/07/00)
  20. Michael Bath's Lightning Photography Page (17/01/00)
  21. Michael Fewings Strike One lightning photography page. (17/01/00)
  22. Lightning photograph and videos from, Holland. (07/05/00)
  23. An article on severe thunderstorms in Australia by Paul Graham (17/01/00)
  24. The NOAA Severe Storms Spotters Guide. Everything you could want to know about thunderstorms. Many other comprehensive and easy-to-understand meteorological tutorials here, too, from the University of Illinois's excellent WW2010 Online Guides (17/01/00)
  25. Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO). UK based, but a lot of useful material that has application worldwide. (17/01/00)
  26. Stormtrak storm chasing homepage. US based, but also has useful severe weather information with application worldwide. (17/01/00)
  27. Websites dedicated to specific tornado events, worldwide, from NOAA. Some Australian tornadoes now appearing. (28/12/02)
  28. Thunderday map of Australia, BoM (14/04/03)
  29. Tornadoes in Western Australia, and a History of Tornado Events in WA from Ira Fehlberg (13/04/00)
  30. Sam's enormous list of training materials and essays on storm chasing and meteorology. Whilst it is US based, many of the links to web articles on thunderstorms and tornadoes are relevant to Australia. (25/09/00)