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  • Dates with text articles about significant weather on the day are given with headlines below. Events are categorised as major, newsworthy and significant. The absence of a coloured ball indicates that the events described are interesting, but less than significant. Dates with no entries indicate either an absence of significant weather or that no articles were written for the day's weather.
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December 2002

24 December 2002
Widespread severe storms in NE NSW, SE and central eastern Qld
NEWSBITS: Heavy storm falls in WA, NT; Hot and cold in SW WA
16 December 2002
Heat continues in SA, NW Vic, NW WA
15 December 2002
Hot in southern SA, western Vic
NEWSBITS: Hot in the tropics; downpour at St George Qld
14 December 2002
Hot across the western tropics
13 December 2002
Cold nights continue in NT
12 December 2002
Hot in SW WA and N Qld, cold in the Centre
11 December 2002
NEWSBITS: Cold night in the Centre, day in NSW
10 December 2002
Cold wet weather dents the drought, fires and record books in NSW 14/12/02
SE Qld storms bring heavy rain
NEWSBITS: Record cold December morning in SA, Qld
4 December 2002
Storms cause damage on NSW Mid North Coast
Fires cause damage, chaos around Sydney
Hot in the northeast, cold in the southwest
NEWSBITS: Lightning causes grass fires in Victoria
2 December 2002
Temperature extremes in east and west
1 December 2002
Hot in SE WA, SW SA
Storms hit central eastern Qld
Sydney has hottest spring on record as dry continues

November 2002

30 November 2002
Hot in WA
NEWSBITS: Dust storm at Collarenebri; heavy storm on Qld Gold Coast; hail in Sydney's west
29 November 2002
Widespread thunderstorm falls in E NSW and across the tropics
NEWSBITS: Wagga dust storm
28 November 2002
Bushfires continue in NSW
NEWSBITS: Pre-wet season storms across the Top End
4 November 2002
Cold snap brings snow to Tas, Vic, NSW
Bushfires continue in NSW, ACT
3 November 2002
Wind, storms and snow in the SE
2 November 2002
Storms spark fires in SA, Vic
1 November 2002
Damaging storm hits Perth
Temperature contrasts across WA
Fires continue to burn in NE NSW
DROUGHTWATCH: Sydney has its driest May to October on record and Canberra its warmest; Brisbane Valley town nearly out of water

October 2002

23 October 2002
Worst dust storm in decades sweeps across four states
4 October 2002
Low brings storms but not much rain to Victoria

3 October 2002
Bushfires blaze on NSW North and South Coasts
NEWSBITS: Useful rain in southern SA
2 October 2002
Abnormally dry in inland SA, NSW, Vic
Cold in western NT
1 October 2002
Cold night over much of the northeast

September 2002

30 September 2002
"Worst bushfire in 30 years" on NSW North Coast
DROUGHTWATCH: The first water restrictions for Longreach Qld in 10 years
29 September 2002
NEWSBITS: Temperature extremes in the west, centre
28 September 2002
Wind, rain accompany change through Vic, NSW
27 September 2002
Thunderstorms bring end to Qld, NSW heatwave 3/12/02
NEWSBITS: Two storms whiz through Melbourne
26 September 2002
Heat continues in S Qld, NE NSW as fires flare
NEWSBITS: Another extraordinary temperature inversion
25 September 2002
Record heat, bushfires in NSW/Qld border country
NEWSBITS: Strong inversion gives NSW weird overnight temperatures
24 September 2002
Heat sets records in SW Qld
23 September 2002
NEWSBITS: Storms on NSW/Qld border 3/12/02; Hot in SA, NT, NSW
; Unusual fog on Sydney's northern beaches; Alice Springs dust devil carries roof a block
21 September 2002
NEWSBITS: Bushfire worsens behind Cairns Qld; More overnight snow in Tas
19 September 2002
Blizzards and heavy snow to low levels in Tasmania 5/10/02
NEWSBITS: Bushfires in SE Qld
18 September 2002
Gales, snow in the southeast -- again 3/10/02, 3/12/02
17 September 2002
Widespread rain in NSW, Vic
NEWSBITS: Minor flooding, snow, gales in Tas 3/12/02
16 September 2002
Widespread gale damage in the southeast 3/12/02, 24/12/02
Hot night in the east, cold in the west
15 September 2002
Gales batter entire southern coastline
Victorians and South Australians battle bushfires, duststorms as temperature records fall
14 September 2002
Storm damages Perth as cold front sweeps SW WA
Hot in southern Australia
13 September 2002
Dry air over Vic, NSW
11 September 2002
Cold night in SE SA, W Victoria, S NSW; snow reported on NSW Northern Tablelands; bushfires threaten homes on Qld Gold Coast
DROUGHTWATCH: 98% of NSW now in drought or marginal drought; Feed and water in short supply
10 September 2002
Wintry blast extends across Tas, Vic and southern NSW
9 September 2002
Wintry blast in Tasmania3/10/02
Heavy hailstorms in Qld
8 September 2002
Gales, snow continue in Tasmania
7 September 2002
Thunderstorm causes death in SE Qld
Windy and wintry across Tasmania
6 September 2002
Isolated storm brings heavy hail, possible tornado to central NSW 30Sep02
Useful rain in NSW; Warm night in southern Qld
4 September 2002
Rain settles the dust in western NSW; Bushfire threatens cattle in northern SA; Snow in Tasmania
3 September 2002
Storm-force winds sweep southeastern states as Victorian damage tops $3m
Unusually warm in northern NSW, southern Qld
DROUGHTWATCH: Coolabah NSW runs out of water

2 September 2002
Storm-force winds sweep southeastern states
1 September 2002
Severe thunderstorms brush eastern Sydney
Damaging winds on NSW Mid North Coast
Heavy showers and strong winds in SW WA
DROUGHTWATCH: NSW fire season starts early; Drought impacts NSW fishing industry; NSW grain crop estimates down; Lack of feed leads to NSW stock sell-off

August 2002

31 August 2002
DROUGHTWATCH: Drought covers much of southern Australia after a dry winter
A hot end to winter in central eastern Australia
30 August 2002
Hot in western SA and The Centre
Heavy rain in parts of northern Tasmania
29 August 2002
NEWSBITS: An early Morning Glory rolls across the Gulf of Carpentaria Qld
27 August 2002
Records broken for rain in WA, warmth in SA
26 August 2002
Cold again in SA
NEWSBITS: Hot day in SE WA
25 August 2002
Further rain in SE Qld
A record cold August morning around Adelaide SA
24 August 2002
Cold start to the day in SE NSW, NE Vic
23 August 2002
Short-lived cold snap hits Tasmania
A record cold morning in northern WA
22 August 2002
Significant rain falls in coastal Queensland, NE NSW
21 August 2002
NEWSBITS: Rain continues in eastern Qld
20 August 2002
Widespread but mostly light rain in Qld
NEWSBITS: Cold in western NT
18 August 2002
NEWSBITS: Showers bring some respite to a dry NSW coast; Storms develop in central Queensland;
Unusual temperatures and low humidity continue in NT Top End
17 August 2002
A record cold August morning in NT
16 August 2002

Cold morning in NT, northern SA
NEWSBITS: A wet time in Seal Rocks NSW
; heavy seas off Sydney
15 August 2002

NEWSBITS: Windy, cold and wet in SW WA
14 August 2002

NEWSBITS: Cold night on NSW Northern Tablelands; storm and gale force winds in Perth; Heavy rain in East Gippsland
13 August 2002

Rain causes minor flooding in SE Tasmania

Gusty winds fan NSW bushfires
12 August 2002

Wintry outbreak brings widespread light snow, gales, hail to Vic, Tas, NSW
NEWSBITS: Record cold night in SE WA
11 August 2002

NEWSBITS: Windy and warm as cold front approaches the SE

July 2002

27 July 2002
Record-breaking July warmth in SA
26 July 2002
Temperature extremes across the nation
NEWSBITS: Continuing dry weather in NSW and Qld

June 2002

May 2002

04 May 2002
Warm weather continues across the continent
NEWSBITS: Heavy showers continue along the east coast

03 May 2002
Heat continues in WA, SA
NEWSBITS: Heavy showers along the east coast

02 May 2002
Heat records continue to fall in WA, SA
01 May 2002
Records fall as late-season heat grips nation
NEWSBITS: Heavy late-season showers continue on Far North Qld coast

April 2002

30 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Widespread storms in southern WA
29 April 2002
Heavy showers along NSW North and Central Coasts
28 April 2002
Storms bring heavy falls to NSW/Qld border
NEWSBITS: Hot for late April in WA Pilbara
27 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Weak storms in NE NSW, SE Qld
26 April 2002
NEWSBITS: First taste of winter arrives in Tasmania
25 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Prefrontal rain gives 20 to 40mm through southern Victoria
24 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Another storm on Norfolk Island
23 April 2002
Near record temperatures on Qld Central Coast
22 April 2002
Heavy rain accompanies front in far SW WA
NEWSBITS: Storm brings heavy rain to Norfolk Island
21 April 2002
Persistent low brings minor flooding, gales to SE corner
20 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Moderate rain continues in E Gippsland Vic
19 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Moderate overnight rain on E Tas and Vic coasts
18 April 2002
Southern Tasman Low brings heavy rain to Gippsland Vic, Lord Howe Island
17 April 2002
Heavy rain in Sydney and on the NSW Central Coast
Local flooding in Gippsland Vic
NEWSBITS: Dramatic thunderstorm offshore Brisbane

16 April 2002
Record rain brings flooding to Perth and SW WA
NEWSBITS: Storms in central Victoria, NSW and SE Qld; further moderate rain in Far North Queensland
15 April 2002
Heavy rain on NSW South Coast
NEWSBITS: Storms again in central and NW NSW; Continuing hot in southern WA; Heavy showers in Far North Qld
14 April 2002
Hot in southern WA
NEWSBITS: Thunderstorms widespread through NSW; Moderate rain on NSW South Coast and in E Gippsland Vic

13 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Heavy showers in SE Qld
12 April 2002
Storms in Vic, SA
NEWSBITS: Heavy showers, storms NT Top End and N Qld coast
11 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Tropical Cyclone Bonnie develops north of WA; Heavy storms in SE WA; Warm conditions continue in NSW, SA
10 April 2002
Continuing warm in NSW, SA
NEWSBITS: Heavy storm fall in far north Qld; Storms through central Victoria
09 April 2002
Warm again through central and SE Australia
08 April 2002
Warm dry weather continues as drought conditions worsen
07 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Afternoon storms in SA
06 April 2002
Unusual upper cold pool gives moderate rain to SW SA, SE WA

05 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Showers give moderate falls to NSW Mid North Coast
04 April 2002
NEWSBITS: Thunderstorms across eastern Vic, coastal NSW
03 April 2002
Warm conditions move east
02 April 2002
Heat continues in southern SA, western Vic
01 April 2002

Warm across SA, western Vic

March 2002

February 2002

12 February 2002
Heavy monsoon rain brings flooding south of Darwin NT
Torrential storm falls in northern Qld
07 February 2002
Storms bring heavy rain, strong winds to central southern Vic

January 2002

11 January 2002
Major flooding disrupts transport in SW Qld
Record cold January morning in southern WA
10 January 2002
Hot in southern SA
09 January 2002
NSW bushfires continue
Hot in WA
08 January 2002
NSW bushfires continue
Heavy rain tails off as floods continue in Qld
Downpour at Port Keats NT
07 January 2002
NSW bushfires ease around Sydney but continue elsewhere
Queensland storms lead to flooding
Central and N Qld gradually recover from cyclone, storms
A morning of heavy rain in Tasmania as Low takes unusual track
06 January 2002
NSW bushfires continue
Hot in Victoria, western NSW
Record cold in WA
Storms in SW Qld
05 January 2002
NSW bushfires continue
Slow-moving storms bring flooding to central Qld
04 January 2002
NSW bushfires continue
Tropical Cyclone Bernie comes to a quiet but unusual end
Cold night in NSW
03 January 2002
NSW bushfires continue
Tropical Cyclone Bernie gains strength in the Gulf
Record heat in the Coral Sea
Record cool in SA
02 January 2002
NSW bushfires continue
Temperature contrasts continue across the southeast
Central Australian bushfires started by lightning
01 January 2002
NSW bushfires continue
Storm gives torrential rain to Mackay Qld
Temperature extremes in NSW

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